Women's UA 8" Coreshorts Pro - $44.99

WHY WE MADE IT: A crazy-tight step up from our Coreshorts, UA Coreshorts Pro aren't for everyone. We didn't build them for everyone. We built them for serious athletes who need to wring that last half ounce out of their performance on game day. Just ask the top prospects at the NFL Combine on their All Or Nothing Day. The UA Coreshorts Pro have the tightest compression you've ever experienced-cranked up a few notches. Don't just put it on the line, put it all on the line. And then some. The UA Coreshorts Pro take compression shorts to a new level. To keep your muscles tight and ready for action, we use our HeatGear(R) compression base, complete with our signature sweat-wicking technology to keep you cooler and drier. Our patented, built-in X Band delivers additional compression to key muscle zones helping you avoid injury, recover faster, and perform better. Don't compete, dominate. Revolutionary X design mimics the functional anatomy of the body's core area to boost muscle performanceBuilt for game day, with a more substantial X Band, for unrivaled support4-way stretch fabrication improves mobility and accelerates dry time, while maintaining shapeSuperior Moisture Transport System keeps you cool, comfortable, and focused on your game8" inseamBody: 5.8 oz. Nylon/Elastane"X" Band: 16 oz. Polyester/DoralstanImported - $44.99