Wingscapes Audubon Birdcam - $129.88

The innovative Audubon bird camera captures crystal-clear photos and videos of your backyard birds while youre away. Its a great way to teach tech-savvy kids about nature. Theyll love learning about the wildlife in their own backyard. The whole family can enjoy identifying birds together and creating a list of visiting species. Weatherproof, motion activated and easy to use, the digital BirdCam records to an SD card or the 32MB internal memory and allows effortless emailing or printing of images. Smart Sensor technology ignores feeder movement and minimizes empty shots, so you wont have to worry about sorting through blank images. Youll get frame after frame of amazing bird photography that shows you wildlife in an up-close, unobtrusive way. Adjustable focus keeps your photographs sharp at any distance 18 or farther. A laser aiming device helps ensure aim is accurate. Includes a pair of stretch cords that can be used to attach the camera to any stationary object, such as a post or tree. A standard tripod mount on the bottom attaches to any standard tripod or the optional BirdCam Mounting Arm (sold separately). - $129.88