Windpaddle Adventure Sail - $116.88

Intended for the serious sea kayaker, this adventure sail is ideal for expeditions and big water. It gives you the ability to keep traveling long after your muscles tire. Sturdy unbreakable batten maintains its shape in high winds and accommodates high sailing angles. From the on-deck position it can be set up for self-launching before sailing or while on the water so theres no need to return to shore. Proprietary WIndHarness for rapid attachment to any boat or quickly switching between boats. It deploys in a matter of seconds. A steering line provides easy control while keeping your paddle in hand. A large transparent window in the center delivers a wide field of view. Recommended boat size is 14 ft. to 18 ft. Target wind range is 5 to 30 knots.Deployed diameter: 42.Folded diameter: 15.Sail area: 9.62 sq. ft.Weight: 13 oz. Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow. - $116.88