Winchester XP3 Rifle Ammunition - $45.99

Winchesters XP3 Rifle Ammunition combines the best features of Winchesters Fail Safe, Accubond and Ballistic Silvertip to create the finest sporting bullet the company has ever offered. A bonded-core, polymer-tipped, Lubalox-coated boattail configuration has the highest weight retention in the Supreme line, along with the deepest penetration, outstanding downrange performance and tremendous accuracy. The lead core is bonded to the jacket, resulting in excellent strength and weight retention. Two-stage expansion delivers devastating shock and knockdown power. A great performer on game from close-up forest shots to long-range prairie action. Per 20. Bullet Weight: 180 Grain. Type: Centerfire Rifle. Caliber: .30-06 Springfield. Bullet Type: XP3. Cal/Gaug 30-06 Spg 180gr Btbt. - $45.99