Winchester WinchesterDouble X High-Velocity Turkey Loads - $12.99

Winchester has an excellent turkey load with its Double X High-Velocity Turkey Loads. These shells throw lead at around 1,300 fps and scored four straight victories at the National Wild Turkey Federations National Still Target Championship. In this competition, shooters take aim at a target from 40 yards away with various shotguns, loads and chokes. For four years straight, the winner had a Winchester Double X High-Velocity Turkey Load in the chamber. They also broke the more is better rule by winning with the 12-gauge 3-inch magnum shell with 1-3/4 ounces of shot. They are not only the fastest on the market, but they also deliver denser patterns. Offered in six different 12-gauge combinations, you are sure to find the load that patterns best in your gun. 10 rounds per box. Type: Turkey Loads. - $12.99