Winchester PDX1 Personal-Defense Shotshells - $8.99

Potent, threat-stopping shells with distinctive black-oxide high-brass heads and devastating performance. Made in USA. Available: PDX1 410 Developed for use in the Taurus Judge revolver, this short-range defense ammo is loaded with plated Defense Discs and plated BB pellets. Great for pest and varmint control, too. PDX1 12 12-gauge shells loaded with three Grex-buffered 00 buckshot pellets atop a 1-oz. rifled slug a hard-hitting, tight-patterning combination. PDX1 S 12-gauge shells loaded with 1-oz. rifled slugs that break into three equal segments upon impact. This combination delivers critical penetration while compensating for aim error. Type: Buckshot. - $8.99