Winchester Blind Side Steel Shotshells Per Box - $21.49

With 250% more trauma-causing power and 15% more pellets per shell, ducks and geese wont know what hit them. Game-changing hexahedron-shaped pellets crumple waterfowl with a six-sided punch that cuts through feathers and keeps going. Unlike round shot, Hex shot focuses energy transfer and concentrates blunt-force trauma with sharp corners and flat sides for massive wound channels and flight-stopping shock. Space-optimizing Hex shot also provides superior packing density by stacking gap-free in the shot cup. These tight-fitting stacks create room for 15%more pellets in every shell and save space for bigger powder charges, providing more velocity. The exclusive Diamond-Cut Wad manages pattern density and uniformity with diamond-shaped air-brake petals for improved downrange performance, stretching the instant kill-zone up to 25% beyond the 30 sweet spot. The hinged wad column also increases velocity while reducing peak pressure and perceived recoil. Reengineered Drylok Super Steel system for water-resistant durability. Per 25. Made in USA. Type: Steel. - $21.49