Winchester Archery Bronco Crossbow With WXB-3X Scope Package - $599.88

Great styling, solid performance and leading-edge technology make this crossbow-scope package a great deal its also easy to carry and even easier to maneuver through the woods. A narrow 18 axle-to-axle powerhouse thats incredibly compact. It has an Ultra Match trigger found on only the highest-quality rifles. The solid, one-piece stock and fully machined 6061-aluminum risers have plenty of muscle to handle any hunting chore. A patent-pending Accu-Speed Technology two-track cam system and patent-pending arrow-retention plunger send your arrows downrange at speeds up to 315 fps with more than 90 pounds of kinetic energy. An ambidextrous safety and anti-dry-fire system prevents the trigger from being pulled without an arrow in place, making it incredibly safe. It also features limb dampeners and dual-carbon rod Sudden Stop string dampeners with three quiet-touch areas to minimize shot noise and vibration. The crystal-clear three-power WXB-3 scope has a wide field of view and excellent light-gathering ability. The uncluttered reticle has aiming points out to 70 yards with a peak-of-trajectory mark to indicate the highest point of arrow trajectory. Includes a flip-up lens cover and 1 scope rings that hold your scope in place with vise-like strength without damaging the finish, thanks to protective linings inside the rings. Crosshatch bars and machined dovetail grooves clamp firmly to any Weaver-style base and allow removal without losing your zero. The quiver is rock solid when mounted, but easily detaches when the need arises. Upper and lower grippers firmly hold arrows with mechanical heads to fixed blades in place. The Pro Grip rope cocker allows you to realize your crossbows full accuracy potential while reducing the cocking effort by approximately 50%. The comfortable nonslip grip and deep finger grooves make this rope cocker secure and easy-to-use. Made in USA. Speed: 315 fps.Power stroke: 11-1/2. Draw weight: 150 l Type: Crossbows. IBO Speed (fps): 301-325. - $599.88