Williamson Striper Bluefish Kit - $54.99

When the striper or bluefish bite is on, the action can be intense. These fish are known to inhabit a number of different underwater environments from offshore rock piles and underwater structure to the flats, but you'll be ready wherever you find them with this complete lure kit. Included are one each of the following:Abyss Speed Jig: With beveled belly to slow descent with a tempting flutter, this jigging lure imitates herring with incredible realism.Hot Lips Jig: Crafted using real deer buck-tail hair, the addition of an eel trailer makes this jig a tantalizing target.Bait'O Matic: Realistic swimming action is the hallmark of this trolling lure, and when you attach a dead bunker, squid or mackerel to the two wire-rigged hooks, all that's left to do is hang on and wait for the hit. Benthos Speed Jig: Perfect for presentation over mussel beds and rock piles, this lure mimics a sand eel.Banjo Eye Jig: The perfectly balanced, rocking head design helps cut down on snags when jigging around structure and rocks.Live Series Mackerel: So anatomically and cosmetically close to the real thing that hungry fish simply can't ignore its swimming action. Type: Offshore Trolling. - $54.99