Williamson Speed Jig Kits - Chartreuse (LIGHT) - $29.88

Speed jigging is an internationally proven method of catching a wide variety of aggressive saltwater fish species. This kit provides a matched set of jigs to match most fishing situations.Available: The Light Speed Jig Kit is perfect for fishing working dropoffs and beds. It includes one 2-oz. green Abyss, one 5-oz. blue Abyss, one 3-1/2 -oz. pink Benthos and one 7-oz. chartreuse Benthos. The Heavy Speed Jig Kit will ply down past 150 feet and through heavy current for fish holding on rock piles and reef ledges. It includes one 7-oz. purple Abyss, one 10-1/2 -oz. blue Abyss, one 9-oz. chartreuse Benthos and one 14-oz. pink Benthos. Size: LIGHT. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Slabs. - $29.88