Williamson Live Squid and Ballyhoo Spreader Bars - Natural Squid (SALT ATTRACTGORS) - $99.99

Speedy saltwater species can't resist the attraction of these rigged spreader bars. Available: The lifelike swimming action of the Williamson Live Squid Spreader Bar catches all saltwater predator species. Perfect for big striper, wahoo, tuna, bonito, dorado, sailfish and marlin. The spreader bar comes with 15 pro-rigged baits with a 2/0 crane swivel on 8 feet of 300-lb. line. The last bait has a snap swivel that allows the angler to connect fishing line to the spreader with an elastic band. The lure or bait with a hook looks like it is chasing the school on the surface. The elastic band breaks when a fish strikes so the spreader can easily be removed from the water. The extremely lifelike action of these baits makes fishing easier because you don't have to track down live bait. Color: Natural Squid. The versatile Williamson Live Ballyhoo Spreader Bar has a unique nose construction and two nose rigging options. This fast-trolling soft plastic lure is so realistic in color and action that you will never want to use live bait again. Rigged the same as the squid baits for fish-catching action. Color: Ballyhoo Blue. Color: Natural Squid. - $99.99