Williamson Live Mackerel - Green (7) - $18.99

Since the mackerel is a favorite bait of big predators like marlin, sailfish, tuna and wahoo, the Williamson Live Mackerel exactly imitates the swimming action of the real thing. Right out of the package, the bait will swim at 6 knots without tuning and is excellent when mixed with other swimbaits. It can also be trolled on a flat line under your spread of surface lures and teasers. The Hook Lock system provides perfect hook presentation with maximum strike efficiency. Pre-rigged with a single VMC 8/0 hook and 5 ft. of 130-lb. test line. Per each rigged. Sizes: 7 , 10 Colors: (500)Blue, (502)Green. Size: 7. Color: Green. - $18.99