Wilier Zero.7/Campagnolo Super Record 11 Complete Bike - 2012 - $11,999.00

The Wilier Zero.7/Super Record 11 Complete Bike looks the part of the high tech project bike with its matte finish and top shelf componentry. A close look will reveal some, but not all of the structural details that make the Zero.7 such an astounding performer on the road. The massive down tube and seat tube juncture at the bottom bracket shell begs for attention. The beefiness here is a byproduct of the BB386 EVO bottom bracket system. Where a typical road bottom bracket shell (BB30 included) is 68mm wide, BB386 EVO is a full 18.5mm wider. The down and seat tubes intersect the shell at greater diameter, giving it greater surface area as a whole. The result is a lighter, stiffer frame with no power-robbing flex. Before you roll your eyes at yet another BB standard, know this: BB386 can be used with any crankset on the market except for BB30. The shell dimensions of 46mm ID and 86.5mm width might sound familiar. A Pressfit30 shell uses the same 46mm ID. This means that Wilier's BB386 uses an existing, easy-to-source bearing assembly. The 86.5mm width is the same as a standard BB86 pressfit shell. This ensures compatibility with any typical external bearing crankset using either a 24 or 30mm spindle.What you can't see is that Wilier employs a Special Elastic Infiltrated (SEI) film within the composite lay-up. While this technology has been used in the aeronautical and automotive industry, Wilier has pioneered its use in racing bicycles. The SEI Film enables three things: 1) It increases impact resistance by 35% over a laminate composed of carbon fiber alone. 2) It increases inter-laminar shear strength by 18%. This is significant when the flame is flexed, particularly in acute flexure (read: crash into something). The film acts to damp the shear movement and retain the adhesion between layers, preserving the strength of the frame. 3) It increases flexing strength by 12%. - $11,999.00