Wildlife Research Center The Commander Scent Elimination Kit - $10.88

Scent Killer was the first odorless scent eliminator available to hunters. Wildlife Research Center has done extensive field testing and lab testing on Scent Killer with amazing results. In fact, Scent Killer was found to be over 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing. Scent Killer eliminates human scent at the molecular level on contact. It keeps human odor from forming a gas, so there is no smell. Scent Killer is totally odorless when you put it on and keeps you odorless even after it dries. It is so effective, it works for days. Add it liberally to clothing and boots. After allowing your hunting garments to dry, store them in a bag or airtight container for weeks or even months before use. Comes with a Scent Free Secrets book that is packed with critical information on how to beat a deer's most powerful defense, his nose. 32 pages.Kit includes: Two 12-ounce spray bottles, 32-ounce refill bottle, Scent Free Secrets book. - $10.88