Wildlife Research Center Super Charged Scent Killer Kit - $19.99

The Scent Killer Kit contains every formula needed to help control human scent. Kit includes: 8-oz. Spray is an amazing, odorless breakthrough that helps control human scent on contact. Simply spray Scent Killer on your clothes to hel prevent human odor from forming a detectable gas. Works all day long. 16-oz. Clothing Wash chemically reduces odor down to the molecular level, leaving your hunting clothes odor-free. Contains no UV-brighteners. 5-oz. Bar Soap washes human odor off your body. Special non-scented formula. Biodegradable. 2-1/4-oz. Antiperspirant/Deodorant is a handy stick antiperspirant/deodorant that is not only 100% odorless, but also helps keep you dry and control odors all day long. Wildlife Research Centers Hunting Scent Book. - $19.99