Wildlife Management Technologies Surrogator - $2,299.99

The Surrogator performs a hen's primary function to provide warmth and protection from the elements. Because chicks are equipped to feed and water themselves immediately after hatching, and are highly receptive to imprinting, the Surrogator is all they need. It's a self-contained surrogate parent capable of providing food, water, shelter and warmth until chicks can fend for themselves after four or five weeks. If quality habitat is available nearby, you'll have game birds galore with a home range close to the Surrogator instilled by imprinting when they were young. This setup includes a rigid plastic unit with a steel frame, one brooding and one loafing component, an adjustable middle divider, rubber-coated pre-welded mesh flooring, a removable gravity-flow feed trough, a 15-gallon water barrel with a four-nipple watering system, a 40-lb. propane cylinder, a fold-up lid-support bar, an instruction manual and a list of chick suppliers by state. All you need is chicks and a high-end starter feed to raise game birds that will stick close to home. Easy to maintain, it usually only requires one visit per week during the rearing process. Raises up to 65 pheasants, 125 quail or 85 chukar per cycle. Depending on location and climate, up to five cycles per year are possible. Fits into most pickup beds for transport. Weight: 234 lbs. Dimensions: 8'L x 4'W x 17"H. - $2,299.99