Wildgame Innovations Wi-Fi Module - $41.88

Imagine being able to view, edit, delete and share your game-camera images in the field up to 300 ft. away from where the camera is set up. Attach this module to a compatible Wildgame Innovations camera and work with your images on an iPhone or Android smartphone or a PC/Mac laptop without disturbing the area around the camera. No more pulling and swapping memory cards. Just position yourself within 100 yards of the camera, use a remote control to activate the wireless connection and start viewing and working with images. Whats more, you can use this system independent from cellular networks because it sets up your own Wi-Fi hotspot similar to a wireless network in your home. No access to a cell tower needed and no monthly data plan required to view images. Mounting hardware included. Imported. Type: Trail Camera Accessories. - $41.88