Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak with Rudder - $1,269.00

Almost twenty years in the kayak business gives Wilderness Systems a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to create boats like the Pamlico 145T Kayak with Rudder. You kayak to escape the noise, the lights, and the crowds, and this kayak allows you to do just that and take a friend along for the ride. The 145T features a signature rounded hull that delivers swift acceleration and seating to accommodate two paddlers. Minimal bow and stern rocker, added hull width below the cockpit, and a defined chine line allow this boat to move efficiently across long distances and provide confidence in a variety of water conditions. As a bonus, the included rudder kit provides directional control that's useful with a long boat designed for two. With a push of the rudder pedals (the rudder pedals are the same as the foot braces for the paddler sitting in back), the paddler can help this boat change direction quickly and easily.A boat is nothing without a comfortable cockpit, and the Pamlico 145T hits the nail on the head for both paddlers. Both the fore and aft seats feature soft, quick-draining padding and quick, one-handed adjustments that are easy to reach. The high backrest supports your lower and middle back, and adjustable foot braces slide along a track so you can put your feet in just the right position for paddling leverage. Two seats can sometimes present a problem in terms of keeping a boat trim in the water, but Wilderness Systems addressed this by allowing you to slide the bow seat fore and aft to distribute the weight as necessary. With a wide, open cockpit and a host of features to put you at ease, you and your partner can enjoy the journey.Although Wilderness Systems offers kayaks for everything from recreational day paddling to self-supported expedition trips, a tandem boat like the Pamlico is still a rare bird. - $1,269.00