Wilderness Systems Northstar Tandem Kayak with Rudder - $2,349.00

Starting in 1985, Wilderness Systems set out to design and build kayaks for adventure and exploration, and almost twenty years later it's still influencing the market with boats like the Northstar Tandem Kayak. As one of two tandems in Wilderness's entire lineup, the Northstar is longer than most touring boats. Capable of accommodating two paddlers of varying skill levels, the sleek hull offers a silky-smooth feel in the water and the storage space needed for expedition-style touring. Rounded contours and soft chine lines deliver consistent glide, while bow and stern rocker and the included rudder system provide the maneuverability needed to navigate this long boat in tight waters. An expedition boat isn't complete without watertight storage, and the Northstar provides this thanks to bow, midship, and stern hatches with rigid covers on top and watertight bulkheads below deck.Cockpit outfitting is a vital detail, and one of particular importance for a touring boat. Phase 3 AirPro tour seating features fully padded seats with integrated ventilation holes and a flexible design that provides support for your back without pressuring your core and limiting your stroke. Easy-to-reach web straps allow the seat-back to be pulled down for more lower-back support or up as well as forward for more aggressive paddling or back into a more reclined position for relaxation. Central controls located at the front of the seat adjust seat-integrated leg lifters that remove pressure from muscles at the back of your legs in order to improve blood flow to your lower legs and feet. Comfortable seating would be nothing without thigh and knee braces that improve your boat control and keep your legs off the side of the cold, plastic hull, or the adjustable foot braces that position your feet so they won't fall asleep after hours on the water. Wilderness systems even saw fit to include a small mesh bag to hold your water bottle, camera, or snacks. - $2,349.00