Wild Wings Terry Redlin Encore Framed Prints Autumn Shoreline - $129.99

Enhance the atmosphere in any room with one or more of these perennial favorite prints by Terry Redlin. The artist blends subtle colors with brilliant highlights to set the mood in these outdoor scenes. Each print comes with double matting and a brass name plate. All prints are unsigned and an open edition. Image size: 10-1/2 x 18. Framed size: 17-1/2 x 24. Available: Autumn Shoreline Encore II - The bait shop is closed for the season, but someone is preparing to make one final attempt to catch the big one. Perhaps the waiting boat and gear is for the shop owner who, after a summer catering to others, is finally taking his turn. The mallards, too, are enjoying the quiet, blissfully unaware that a different type of season will soon begin. Terry Redlin. Type: Ducks. - $129.99