Wild Country Technical Friends Cams - $41.93

With a flexible cable stem and smooth trigger performance, Wild Country(R) Technical Friends snake into tight placements with speed and ease. Reprofiled, color-coded cams ensure tangle-free racking on long pitches; constant 13.75deg cam angle ensures strong placements. Flexible cable stem with protective nylon sheath balances flexibility and stiffness to allow easier placements without sacrificing control. Increasing cam head widths and consistent spring tension add stability to help reduce walking of cam in or out of cracks and pocket. Color-coded, anodized cams make racking and selection quick and painless; wide expansion ranges extend versatility. Cams are hollowed to reduce weight and lighten your load; smooth-pulling triggers are a cinch to grip and pull and are field-maintainable. CNC machined cams have integrated stops to give passive strength should Friends ''walk'' and the cams fully open. Compact and lightweight 12mm Dyneema(R) sewn slings are used on all sizes; sling break strength of 14kN. Extended trigger mechanisms add reach; anodized cams improve action and resist corrosion. Immensely strong (85TPSI) single nickel chrome molybdenum steel axles ensure that the stem is free to rotate under load. Cam head width becomes proportionally larger as the cam size increases adding stability. Rugged nylon frame supports the flexible stainless-steel stem, offers directional control and leaves the stem exposed for easy inspection. Each cam includes a Wild Country carabiner; carabiner type and color vary depending on size of cam. - $41.93