Wild Country Helium Friend Cams - $55.93

Are you trying to make some new friends? Look no further than the dependable Wild Country Helium Friend cams. They'll catch you when you fall and be there for you when you need them most. From the maker of the first-ever camming device comes the next generation of Friend cams-they're redesigned to be lighter, more solid and more versatile than ever. Hot-forged cam lobes are hollowed out in places to reduce weight without sacrificing strength; redesigned Friends are now up to 6% lighter than the previous version. New design offers 20% more range than the previous version; larger range means there's a greater chance each unit will fit the placement you need. New trigger design and thumb loop combine to offer smooth action and simple operation for quick placements while you're climbing difficult routes. Stem length has been increased to make the cams easier to place in and remove from deep cracks. New Friends carry forward several tried-and-true features of previous versions, including the constant 13.75deg cam angle and the single stem and single axle construction. Compact and lightweight 12mm Dyneema(R) sewn slings are used on all sizes. Color-coded slings and cam lobes make the Wild Country Helium Friend cams easy to identify on your rack. - $55.93