Whitetail Institute Secret Spot Food Plot - Clear (4-LBS.) - $12.99

Secret Spot needs no tilling equipment to plant. A blend of 15 varieties of annuals with incredible attracting power, created for remote areas that only you and the deer know about. Just clear a small section of land and score the ground with a hand rake to prepare for planting. It works great in any area that receives at least 2-4 hours of sunlight per day. A 4-lb bag will seed 4,500 sq. ft. Protein content up to 36% should be planted no greater than 1/4 in a soil with a pH from 6-7.0. Grows best in soils that hold moisture or are well-drained. An ideal annual plant for small openings or along meadow edges. Recommended fall plant that deer will use well into winter. Available: 4 lbs. plants 4,500 sq. ft. 10 lbs. plants 11,250 sq. ft. Size: 4-LBS.. Color: Clear. - $12.99