Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow Wildlife Seed Blend (5 LB) - $19.99

Imperial No-Plow Wildlife Seed Blend is the easiest, no-fuss, no-bother way to give your deer herd essential protein during antler growing months. Seeds can be sown without plowing and with minimal or no soil preparation. It also benefits turkeys, doves, quail, ducks and other game animals. Composed of high-protein (up to 36%) attractive annuals that deer will use in all seasons. Included in the blend is a hardy winter forage grass, clovers and canola. Ideal pH for this plot is 6-7.0 and can be planted in the spring or fall. Grows best in soils that hold moisture or are well-drained in areas that receive 3-4 hours of sunlight per day. 16-20 lbs. per acre recommended. Available: 5 lbs. plants 1/4 acre 9 lbs. plants 1/2 acre 25 lbs. plants 1-1/2 acres Size: 5 LB. Type: Food Plots. - $19.99