Whitetail Institute Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus Seed - Southern (16.5 LBS) - $149.99

Alfa-Rack Plus contains X-9 Alfalfa Technology with new super alfalfa varieties that make it grow faster, produce more tonnage and attract more deer than traditional alfalfas. Whitetail Institute's new, exclusive chicory variety makes Alfa-Rack Plus extremely drought tolerant. And it contains Imperial Whitetail Clover, one of the finest clover blends available. This three-way combination: X-9 Alfalfa Technology, exclusive chicory and Imperial Whitetail Clover makes Alfa-Rack Plus one of the finest alfalfa-based products available today. Plus, it's formulated from Southern perennial blends to grow in your area. Seeded no deeper than 1/4", in well-drained soils with a pH of 6.5-7.0 and in areas that receive 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, this plot can have longevity up to five years. An ideal spring or fall plant; deer will use it year-round. Protein content generally reaches 25-30%.Available:Southern 3.75 lbs. plants 1/4 acreSouthern 16.5 lbs. plants 1-1/4 acres Type: Food Plots. Size 16.5 Lbs. - $149.99