Cabela's Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer - $399.88

Whether you are looking to protect game and fish from the harmful effects of oxygen and freezer burn, or keep your hunting garments scent-free, nothing is as effective as a quality vacuum sealer. With its stainless steel body and double-piston pump, this high-powered, commercial-grade vacuum sealer will keep food fresh up to five-times longer than traditional storage methods. Capable of drawing a 28-1/2 vacuum with 935 watts of power, this unit has all the horsepower you need to ensure an airtight seal and its industrial construction guarantees this unit will stand up to many seasons of use. If you intend to preserve large roasts or keep a bulky parka odorless, the Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer is the ideal solution. With its spacious 15 sealing bar, the largest in the industry, no job is too big. The patent-pending sealing bar window ensures you will have no difficulty placing the bags inside the vacuum channel. You can accurately monitor vacuum and sealing time with the large digital display, and the high-tech computerized control functionality provides consistent, perfect seals time after time. Choose between auto or manual seal for that custom touch on difficult or soft foods. When it is time to put everything away, the sanitary stainless construction and integrated cord compartment make cleanup and storage a snap. Weight: 28.25 lbs.Dimensions: 19 x 12-1/4 x 5. Type: Vacuum Sealers. - $399.88