Outkast Tackle Finesse Jig - $1.88

Whether it's money on the line or just big-fish bragging rights, this finesse jig will help you put finicky fish in the livewell. A thin weedguard and flatter eye provides just the right profile for cooler weather, post-spawn or other light bites. The 3/16-oz. jig comes with a Gamakatsu light wire hook and thinner/shorter skirt for ultrafinesse situations. The 5/16-oz. jig comes with a heavy wire Gamkatsu hook and 54-strand finesse skirt. Per each.Sizes: 3/16 oz., 5/16 oz.Colors: (001)Sunfish, (006)Black/Blue, (016)Camo, (018)Crawdad. - $1.88