Western Wood Smoking Chunks - Charcoal - $8.99

Love that smoky flavor but prefer using a gas or electric grill? Now you can have both with these convenient fist-sized wood chunks. 100% natural and kiln dried to reduce moisture content, these wood chunks impart that smoky flavor most associated with custom smokehouse taste. Use a single wood type or combine with other flavors to create your own signature essence. Burns hotter and cleaner than charcoal. Size: 10-lb. bag. Available: Mesquite, Hickory, Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Peach, Orange, Maple. Recommended instructions: Build a pyramid of wood chunks in the grill and ignite. Once the chunks become red-hot coals, place food on the grill. Always use barbeque tools for safety. Check your grills instruction manual before using. Color: Charcoal. Type: Charcoal & Wood Smokers. - $8.99