Western Wood Smoking Chips - Charcoal - $5.99

Get smokehouse flavor from your grill or smoker with these premium-quality Smoking Chips. 100% natural and kiln dried to reduce moisture content, these wood chips impart that smoky flavor associated with custom smokehouse taste. Use a single wood type or combine with other flavors to create your own signature essence. Can be used in charcoal grills and open fires as well. Approximately coin sized. 180 cu. in. Available: Mesquite, Hickory, Apple, Cherry, Alder, Pecan(not shown), Peach, Orange, Maple(not shown). Recommended instructions: Build a pyramid of wood chips in the grill and ignite. Once the chips become red-hot coals, place food on the grill. Always use barbecue tools for safety. Check your grills instruction manual before using. Color: Charcoal. Type: Charcoal & Wood Smokers. - $5.99