Werner Ikelos Kayak Paddle - Carbon - $400.00

The Werner Ikelos Carbon kayak paddle offers maximum acceleration, deceleration and boat control to demanding paddlers. High-quality, continuous-weave carbon fiber shaft delivers a superior strength-to-weight ratio. Stiff nature of carbon fiber enhances energy transfer and lightens swing weight. Carbon fiber/foam core blades create a distinctive profile that enters and exits the water quietly while adding buoyancy for a light stroke. Blade design with ribless back smooths the sculling stroke and creates an elegant exit from the water. Pronounced dihedral power face reduces flutter to create exceptionally smooth, yet powerful, forward stroke. Asymmetrical shape reduces torque, allowing the paddle to pull smoothly through the water without the need for a tight grip. Smart View Adjustable Ferrule System allows elegant adjustment of feathering angle from 0deg - 75deg right or left in 15deg increments. Improved ferrule design eliminates external stickers by incorporating a small window which displays an internal printing of offset degrees. Low-profile button release makes paddle feel like 1 piece. Remarkably light swing weight reduces overall fatigue on long paddling excursions. Drip rings help keep hands and lap dry. 2-piece design breaks down quickly and eases transport and storage. The Werner Ikelos kayak paddle is carefully handcrafted in Sultan, Washington, using a pressure molding process to achieve the right balance between weight and durability. - $400.00