Werner Fuse Stand Up Paddle - Bent Shaft - $299.93

The bent-shaft Werner Fuse stand up paddle strikes a balance between a quick stroke rate and a large, smooth blade face. Extremely lightweight carbon-fiber shaft offers a bit of flex to increase comfort on every stroke; oval shape of shaft increases overall control of the bent-shaft Werner Fuse. Carbon fiber/foam core blade offers a distinct profile that enters and exits the water quietly while adding buoyancy for a light stroke. Long, rectangular blade offers nuanced power application; use the tip for a quick maneuverability and the entire blade for deep, forceful strokes. Reduced surface area takes it easy on your joints and offers a high stroke cadence, allowing you to accelerate and maneuver quickly to catch more waves. Perfect for touring, cruising and racing, the bent-shaft Werner Fuse aligns the wrists to reduce fatigue and enhance control. Bent shaft also increases the length of your stroke, and reduces the tendency to grip the paddle too hard. Durable T-shaped ABS palm grip fits naturally in your hand, refining control for a variety of paddle strokes. When choosing a length, Werner suggests adding 10 in. to your height for touring or cruising, and adding 8 in. to your height for surfing or downwind paddling. - $299.93