Weber Go-Anywhere Grill - $64.88

The convenience of gas cooking saves time and mess, but you cant wheel your big gas grill to the campground or stadium parking lot. Or maybe your porch or deck at home may not have the space for a big gas grill. Enter the compact Weber Go-Anywhere Grill. Just screw in a 1-lb. propane cylinder and the easy push-button ignition system lets you instantly put the flame to meat, fish and other foods - no more waiting for coals to reach the right temperature. Webers Flavorizer System distributes heat evenly across the 160-sq.-in. cooking surface and virtually eliminates flame flare-ups caused by dripping grease. Fuel tank not included. Five-year limited warranty.Dimensions: 14-1/2H x 21W x 12-1/4D. Weight: 15 lbs. - $64.88