Weaver Top Mount Base - One-Piece #97 - Black Gloss - $3.88

Engineered to be the most reliable mounting system, Weaver Bases ensure accuracy shot after shot, hunt after hunt. So whether youre punching paper at your local range or chasing game through the high country, know your scope is secure and ready to drive tacks. Each Weaver base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit. These aluminum bases offer maximum strength for rings to hold tight. Per each. Color: Black Gloss. This dual-purpose base can be used as follows: Front Base: Browning .243, .308, .22-250, .222, .222 Magnum (all in Sako action); Golden Eagle 7000, Sako L5 79; Winchester 777. Rear Base: Golden Eagle 7000, Parker Hale 2600 Midland, Winchester 777. Color: Black Gloss. - $3.88