Warn PullzAll - $49.99

Hoist it, pull it and crank it no matter where you are with this cordless 24-volt winch or the equally powerfully 120-volt, AC-powered winch. Whether its fixing fence on a ranch or hauling a trophy elk up a hill to a vehicle, the PullzAll is up to the job. Itll make your job easier with 15 ft. of wire rope and - swiveling anchor hook by allowing you to station the winch where you want it. And its not limited to the front or back of a vehicle. Variable speed with forward/reverse switch and a dynamic braking system. 1,000-lb. working load capacity. The money-saving 120-volt model is great at shops and job sites with AC power. One-year limited warranty. Wt.: 15 lbs. Available: 120-volt - Corded 24-volt - Includes two rechargeable NiMH battery packs and rapid charger 24-volt car charger Type: Winches. - $49.99