War Eagle Flipping Jig - Black/Blue - $1.88

One of the most productive jigs on the market featuring dual-rattle chambers for added fish attracting power. Unique hand-tied silicone skirt, premium weed guard, computer-designed head, easy on and off rattles all topped with an ultrasharp, Mustad Power Point hook, for an extremely effective presentation. Per each. Sizes: 1/2 oz., 3/8 oz. Colors: (002)Black/Blue, (003)Black/Blue/Purple, (006)Ozark Crawdad, (007)Watermelon, (008)White/Silver, (012)Pumpkin Kamo/Chartreuse, (014)Brown/Purple, (015)Green Pumpkin Candy, (016)Green Pumpkin Orange, (017)Phantom Brown Crawdad, (018)Pond Scum Perch, (019)Cali 420. Color: Black/Blue. - $1.88