Building Whitetail Paradise Complete DVD Series - $69.99

Want to turn your favorite hunting spot into a "Whitetail Paradise " The complete Whitetail Paradise series from (volumes 1-5) is available in single money-saving package. This easy-to-follow and highly informative set covers a wide range of topics including food-plot development, habitat improvement, predator control as well as numerous hunting tips. Set includes: Building WhitetailParadise Vol. 1 A fast-paced overview of habitat projects, food plots, hunting tips and much more. 60 min. Building Whitetail Paradise Vol. 2 Learn what it really costs to install an effective food plot and witness the results with an amazing piebald buck hunt. 68 min.Building WhitetailParadise Vol. 3 Helpful info on spring planting of clover/alfalfa hunting plots and how to maintain them. 60+ min.Building WhitetailParadise Vol. 4A See first-hand the results of good habitat during the early and midseason. 60+ min. Building WhitetailParadise Vol. 4B See how habitat will hold deer on your ground during mid- to late-season. 60+ min. Building WhitetailParadise Vol. 5 Learn how coyotes impact your deer herd and how to lessen it. 60+ min. - $69.99