Walkstool Comfort Stool - $99.99

Whether you need a portable seat to do your job or just need to sit a spell at the park, on a hike or waiting in line, this comfortable, portable and extremely strong lightweight stool is the right spot. Its perfectly balanced for hunting, fishing, photography, painting and working down low. Aluminum construction and a large mesh seat provide outstanding comfort for long periods of time. Telescopic legs are easy to collapse or extend. The Model 75 stool supports up to 550 lbs. Large rubber feet prevent sinking into soft surfaces. Includes handy carry/storage pouch and belt loop for easy transport. Imported.Available:Model 45 - Leg height 14 or 18. Packs down to 14L.Seat size: 14.Weight: 26 oz.Weight Capacity: 440 lbs.Color: Black.Model 55 - Leg height 16 or 22. Packs down to 16L.Seat size: 15.Weight: 28 oz.Weight Capacity: 495 lbs.Color: Black.Model 65 - Leg height 18 or 26. Packs down to 18L.Seat size: 16.Weight: 30 oz.Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.Color: Black.Model 75 - Leg height 20 or 30. Packs down to 20L.Seat size: 16.Weight: 33 oz.Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.Color: Black. Type: Camp Stools. Style Comfort 45. - $99.99