Wac'Em Triton XL 3-Blade Broadheads - $29.88

Youll enjoy dead-on, field-tip accuracy and lethal hard-hitting power when your hunting arrows are tipped with these broadheads. The three-blade construction is engineered for accuracy, so tuning is quick and easy. The cut-on-contact head blows through bone, muscle and sinew without bending or breaking. Each is built of 100% hardened stainless steel for the highest level of durability and consistency. The three replaceable .03 blades stay securely locked in through the heaviest impacts. Unique radii cut into the blade vents silence flight. Tip can be easily resharpened on any flat stone. Per 3.Cutting diameter: 1-1/4.Available: 100 gr., 125 gr. Type: Fixed Blades. Thickness (in.): .030. Quantity: 3. Grain: 125. Cutting Diameter (in.): 1 1/4. Style 125-Grain. - $29.88