Volkl Viola Skis with Bindings - Women's - 2012/2013 - $418.83

The Volkl Viola skis with bindings offer speed and grace on the slopes, and when you need to dig in and really carve some trenches, they shred with authority. The Volkl Viola skis with bindings really excel when you're sticking just to the groomers, and if you find yourself going off-piste, they won't disappoint. Moderate 74mm waists carve quick turns on hardpack; 123mm tips and 95mm tails offer enough surface area to allow off-piste exploration. Women-specific core is lighter and more flexible than comparable unisex skis. Even lighter in for the 2012-2013 season, new featherweight wood core boosts maneuverability, reduces knee strain and enhances endurance. Ready for smooth turns? Specialized construction increases grip and efficiently delivers power by placing reinforced materials over the skis' edges. Wide, stiff tips and narrow, soft tails enhance the natural motions of female skiers, ease turn initiation and conserve energy. Women-specific sidecut, designed to optimize the ski's flexed shape, contacts snow with an even pressure that yields incredibly smooth turns. Slightly rockered tips adds ease, smoothness and maneuverability to what are already unusually responsive skis. 4Motion 10.0 bindings work in conjunction with the specialized construction to create superb edge hold and uniform ski flex underfoot. You'll enjoy great responsiveness when putting the skis on edge thanks to widely set rails, a powerful compact toe and the twin-cam heel piece. Integrated binding systems allow the skis to flex naturally and fully from tips to tails for smooth turn initiation, hold and release. Binding placement sets stance 1cm forward to account for a woman's center of gravity and ease turning; stance can be adjusted by a qualified ski technician. Women-specific, Bio-Logic stance raises the toe of the binding to reduces strain on the skier's legs during turns. DIN range is 3 - 10. - $418.83