Volkl RTM 75 iS Skis with 4Motion 11.0 TC Bindings - $599.95

Volkl RTM 75 iS Skis with 4Motion 11.0 TC Bindings - The RTM 75 iS is a perfect tool to help athletic beginners to solid intermediate skiers start experiencing more than just marked and groomed trails while improving technique at the same time. Starting with a 75mm waist RTM 75 iS has a stable shape for on trail performance. By adding the Dual Wood Core to this shape, two wood stringers surrounded with a PU core and wrapped in fiberglass, the RTM 75 iS is a very lively ski with energetic pop and strong rebound for responsive and dynamic turns. For a bit of additional power XTD Transmission technology is added placing extra material over the edges of the RTM 75 iS for increased edge hold without making the ski require more energy to turn. Keeping the RTM 75 iS silky smooth is important for feeling confident and progressing so Tip Rocker and Progressive Technology tackle this on three fronts. First the Tip Rocker allows for consistent turns in any snow condition. Then Progressive Edge, extending the widest part of the ski past the contact point, provides directional stability but only engages when the ski is on edge for a confident and catch free tip. Lastly, Progressive Flex, a thinning center to the tail, makes the tail soft when exiting a turn for less acceleration out of the turn for more controlled release and preventing the ski from forcing you to sit back. As a final touch the 4Motion system is built into the XTD Transmission profile increasing edge hold and responsiveness in the RTM 75 iS. Whether you are looking for a sk - $599.95