Volkl RTM 73 Skis w/ 3Motion TL 10.0 Bindings - $359.95

The most important factors when learning to ski are quick and early positive results, followed by ski performance that continues to improve along with the skier when the next winter comes. For beginners and recreational skiers in particular, pleasure and safety go hand in hand as critical factors. The RTM 73 delivers both, with more than enough ski performance to foster improving skiers to try their first carved turns.Key Features of the Volkl RTM 73 Skis: Tip Rocker: An early-rise tip design for high performance all-mountain freeskiing. The combination of an early rise tip and a classic camber profile in the rest of the ski provides easy, smooth turn entry regardless of conditions. In softer snow the ski is incredibly forgiving, floats better and requires less energy to ride. Progressive Flex: At the tail, the ski's profile becomes very thin in the middle - torsionally soft for the last 7cm, allowing the skier to exit the turn at will. The ski accelerates less aggressively out of the turn to help prevent the skier from sitting in the proverbial "back seat". The skier can make better turns with less effort. Progressive Edge: Utilized an early rise concept in the tip of the ski. Bringing the widest part of the ski up a little higher ensures easier directional stability and the tip only engages when the ski is on edge, adding to the skier's comfort level. Composite Core Power Grip Radius: 12.0 (153), 12.9 (159), 14.3 (166), 15.8 (173) Key Features of the Volkl 3Motion TL 10.0 Bindings: DIN/ISO 3-10 Two Linkage Toe Compact2 Heel - $359.95