Volkl Katana Skis - $638.95

There is nowhere for the powder to hide, when you are riding the Volkl Katana Skis. Featuring a reverse camber and shallow gradual rocker in the tip and tail, these are solid deep snow skis. A fast and aggressive ski, they are mostly meant for backcountry trips. They will rip through fresh pow and gnarly terrain with ease. Turns are incredibly stable and easy in any condition on the Katanas, although it is slightly slower than an all-mountain ski.Key Features of the Volkl Katana Skis: Big Mountain Full Rocker: A smooth, gradual bend from tip to tail with matching side and flex. Extended Low Profile (ELP gives the skier all the benefits of added maneuverability in soft snow while also delivering smooth, graceful arcs on groomed terrain. How By matching the flex and sidecut with the full rocker (long, gradual bend from tip to tail profile, the skier gains full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more you put the ski on edge, the more effective the edge becomes. The resulting smoothness and predictability is truly uncanny. Sensorwood Power Construction Powered by Titanium Radius: 24.2 (177 , 25.8 (184 , 28.2 (191 , 30.7 (198 - $638.95