Volkl Attiva Sol Womens Skis with Attiva 3Motion 11.0 TC Bindings - $399.90

Volkl Attiva Sol Womens Skis with Attiva 3Motion 11.0 TC Bindings - The Sol is a ski for aggressive intermediate to solid advanced to tear up any on trail conditions and the occasional off trail romp. Starting with balanced medium flex and a 75mm waist the Sol is a quick responding carver with a touch of extra width for stability as the snow pack changes. Using a Sensorwood core the Sol has great liveliness and rebound energy for snappy and dynamic turns from medium to short radius with the power to handle speed and aggressive skiing. Adding Power Grip, additional fiberglass over the edges, and Steel layers to the Sol increases transfer of power to the edges and the dampness of the ski to provide consistent edge contact to the snow for superior and unflinching edge hold. Rounding out the overall feel of the Sol is Volkl's Bio-logic Technology. First the Bio-logic Geometry widens the tip and narrows the tail to make for better turn initiation and a clean and predictable finish to the turn. Then Bio-Logic Stance raises the toe for a flat stance balancing the strain put on the hamstring and quad to protect your knees and provides better more dynamic turning. Last Bio-Logic Flex works with the geometry for the perfect flex throughout the turn maximizing the overall shape of the ski. Finished off with the Attiva 3Motion binding system to increase leverage and power to the edges the Sol has everything a cruising ski needs plus the power to turn on the speed whenever you want to. Balancing aggressiveness with precision and forgiveness the Sol is a v - $399.90