Volkl Attiva Luna Womens Skis with Attiva 3Motion 10.0 Bindings - $349.89

Volkl Attiva Luna Womens Skis with Attiva 3Motion 10.0 Bindings - The Volkl Luna is a true frontside ski ideal for the athletic beginner to intermediate cruiser. Its soft flex makes the Luna work well as a transitional ski for juniors that have solid technique and know the basics of parallel turning or carving. With a 69mm waist, the Luna is incredibly easy to transition edge to edge and, with its narrow profile, is designed to be skied on groomed and marked trails. A composite core keeps the Luna very light adding to how easy it is to get onto edge and carve turns. For edge hold the Luna gets extra fiberglass over the edges, called Power Grip, to help transfer your energy right to the edge of the ski for solid and controlled grip. Volkl uses Bio-Logic, a combination of geometry, stance and flex changes ideal for Women. First the Bio-logic Geometry widens the tip and narrows the tail for better turn initiation and a clean and predictable finish to the turn. Then Bio-Logic Stance raises the toe for a flat stance balancing the strain put on the hamstring and quad to protect your knees and provides more dynamic turning. Last Bio-Logic Flex works with the geometry for the perfect flex throughout the turn maximizing the overall shape of the ski. Perfect for the casual cruiser the Luna is comfortable and reliable so you can progress with confidence. Features: Bio-Logic Flex - Enhances Flex For The Best Comfort And Control. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 115/69/100mm, Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 13.3m (@ 151cm), Warranty: One Year, Type: Fronts - $349.89