Volcom Sea Town Mod Hoodie Black - $45.95

Thew Volcom Sea Town Mod Hoodie is a stylish multi-season piece of casual or sportswear. It can be used in cooler weather to keep warm but would be comfortable in temperatures into the 60's. Its fleece material provides warmth where needed but it is light enough to be used as a jacket when a heavier-duty jacket is not required. A unique aspect of the hoodie is that it's slim fit so it is snug and prevents cold air from getting in. The Sea Town Hoodie is also aerodynamically efficient which makes it good for extreme activities such as snowboarding or skateboarding.Key Features of the Volcom Sea Town Mod Hoodie: Cotton Poly Fleece Cotton Jersey Lined Hood Extra Wide Ribbed Cuff Extra Wide Ribbed Hem Zippered Hand Pockets Drawcord Hood Cinch Whistle Zipper Pull Stone Patch Long Modern Slim Fit - $45.95