Volcom Maguro Plaid Mod Boardshorts Black - Men's - $32.95

Made with super-high-tech modular zipfly technology, the Volcom Maguro plaid mod Boardshorts Black are the ideal, state-of-the-art shorts for a variety of beach sports. Extremely quick-drying and made from pure polyester supersuede, there's no finer choice for men's water-sports. No special washing care is necessary with these shorts, and their durability is legendary. When you buy Volcom Maguro mod boardshorts, you know you're getting a top-quality product guaranteed to last through many summers of extreme fun.Key Features of the Volcom Maguro Plaid Mod Boardshorts: 100% Polyester Supersuede 22" Outseam Plaid Print Body Sewn on Pocket Moto Stone Embroidery Modulator Zip Fly Technology Modtech Collection - $32.95