Volcom Lucent Creedlers Sandals Black - Men's - $20.95

Volcom offers quality in every product it produces, whether it's through its jackets, sports equipment or special gear. The Volcom Lucent Creedler Sandals are no different in their emphasis on quality and style. The PU toe strap with stitching detail and mesh lining is made specially in order to reinforce the structure of the sandal so that it will stand the wear and tear of the test of time. The Compression Textured footbed is specially designed in order to cushion the sole of the foot to guarantee the smoothest walking experience.Key Features of The Volcom Lucent Creedler Sandals: PU Toe Strap with Stitching Detail and Mesh Lining Compression Molded/Textured EVA Footbed Clear Rubber Window Outsole Whole US Sizes - $20.95