Volcom Frochickie 11in Short - Women's - $41.95

The Volcom Women's Frochickie 11in Short is an amazing chino short versatile enough to wear while hitting the links with your handsome loin-cloth model boyfriend (until a bear meanders onto the green and tries to eat you, good thing you had a small dosage of pepper spray stowed away in one of the Frochickie's rear welt pockets). Or it's a good short to wear while you're having a good time pushing your board around at the skatepark (until some BMXer cuts you off and causes you to fall, in which case the stretch from the 2% elastane won't restrict you while you kick him in the jaw). Or it's a good short to wear on an impromptu brunch with your best friends (and that one straggler who laughs like a hyena and never seems to blink, just cut your losses there). - $41.95