Vmc Fastgrip Fluorescent Rig Kits - $1.88

Rig your live bait like a pro and walk it along the bottom for fish-fooling results. Built by VMC, the Fastgrip Fluorescent Rig Kits offer versatility, strength and high visibility. The Vanadium steel hooks come with three microbarb points that dig in and wont let go.All kits include sets of fluorescent hooks in chartreuse, orange and pink, plus nine soft-glow beads (three of each color), three round fluorescent-red knot beads (4mm), three No.12 barrel swivels, three No. 16 barrel swivels, two 1/4-oz. bottom walkers and two 3/8-oz. bottom walkers.Available: No. 2 Kit Includes 18 No. 2 hooks, six of each color.No. 4 Kit Includes 18 No. 4 hooks, six of each color.No. 6 Kit Includes 18 No. 6 hooks, six of each color.Multiple Kit Includes 18 hooks: six No. 2 hooks (two of each color), six No. 4 hooks (two of each color) and six No. 6 hooks (two of each color). - $1.88