VK Salmon Flasher - Chartreuse - $9.99

This slow-moving attractor will barrel roll anywhere from 12 to 36 times per minute (depending on where its tied and speed trolled). It can be used with bait rigs, flies, squids or your favorite lure and the roll can be easily adjusted to match the bait youre trolling. As an added bonus, the VK Salmon Flasher creates less drag than other flashers during retrieval. For trout, use a 30 to 60 leader; for salmon, use a 20 to 70 leader. Can be trolled between 1-3 knots. Per each. Size: 7-5/8L x 3-1/2W. Colors: (020)Pearl UV, (022)Crushed Pearl UV, (030)UV Silver, (040)UV Pink Silver, (050)UV Purple Silver, (100)Blue Chartreuse UV, (224)White/Pearl, (310)Chartreuse/Chartreuse/Green, (680)Glow/Silver/Blue. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Flashers. - $9.99